July 26, 2013

Sky Atlantic and BT Sports, coming in August?

I'm going to stick my neck out here and say that the posts from BomberAF on Cable Forum are credible and looking sound. For those who don't know what I'm talking about the guy, who has posted 150 posts over the last four years on the forum, is pretty convincing and definite with what he's been saying. Here are his key posts on the matter:
July 5th: BT Sports will be announced to arrive on VM 1 week before the 1st of August when BT Sport is due to air. The reason they aren't announcing it now is because BT and Sky and VM have agreements with VM to get people to leave VM and switch over to sky or BT. When this time has elapsed as part of this deal BT sport will be announced as arriving on VM when stated and Atlantic shortly after. There will therefore be no reason not to offer Atlantic to VM customers on the XL package as they will lose advertising revenue with people downloading GoT via torrents. I believe that VM will have a wholesale price for VM customers, so it may only cost a little bit more for XL customers than prior with ESPN. It isn't going to cost an extra subscription just the XL price as far as I am aware.
July 6th: VM are getting BT sport and Sky Atlantic.
July 6th: Not almost, is a deal done, just having to keep quiet until they can announce it.
I believe Atlantic will possibly be arriving on the first of August with BT Sport, but if not it should be there in August some time.
July 7th: Atlantic will be launched in full HD, as will BT sport. The other channels that aren't HD will more than likely stay that way.
Hope you're right fella - Sky Atlantic in HD will be a dream come true for this blogger.


Unknown said...

What I don't understand about this is where is the logic with VM letting other companies take their customers by being quiet?

spazzareth said...

checked the tv listings this morning, pressing next day etc.. after 31st both espn america and espn classic - say no longer available but espn/hd has programme listings..

David said...

what a shock NOT more lies Bomber wind up mechant go to hell

Philip Jarrett said...

I knew it sky atlantic not coming on 1st August,more lie again!

Kenny Sangster said...

I work for vm and doubtful we will be getting sky Atlantic anytime soon so where this guy got 1st august from I dont know. if I have any updates on this though I will post on here. an for the record vm didnt get bt sports until 17th august after an agreement was made .